Tip: Vitamin D Helps Weight Loss

It has recently been uncovered during tests that lowered levels of vitamin D in the body tend to coincide with weight gain.

Tests have been run to see if maintaining the correct level of vitamin D could improve that situation and it has been shown to make a difference.

What does this tell us?

Natural Daylight

Well, for one thing, modern society is dogged with high instances of overweight and obese people, whereas several decades ago this was not a problem.

There are several underlying factors that could be accredited to the modern problem, but one thing is sure and that is that these days people spend less time outdoors.

That means we get less exposure to sunshine, or natural daylight and that means our bodies get less chance to manufacture their own vitamin D.

Put two and two together and it makes pretty good sense that if you are intent on losing weight you should get out of the house more often and enjoy more natural daylight. Sure you can supplement vitamin D, but there is nothing as good for you as the stuff you make yourself, right?

Well, medical science seems to back up this theory.

Not only that, but greater exposure to natural daylight also stimulates the production of serotonin, which is known as the body's natural feelgood hormone. This reduces stress, and stress is also known as a big contributory factor in the body's excessive storage of visceral fat (belly fat).

Vitamin D is also understood to help the body to fight off viral infections, such as colds and flu. With the body staying healthier and avoiding periods where illness would keep you indoors, in bed and feeling horrible, you can spend more time being active and happy (keeping the accumulation of fat to a minimum).

Fresh Air and Health

But wait, there's more... when you get out of the house, it's natural to be more active and we all know that greater levels of activity result in boosting the metabolism which in turn means we burn more of the calories we are consuming.

Again, this leads to greater positive weight management.

The upshot of this whole post on one of the great weight loss tips that really work is that getting out of the house is good for your health and helps maintain a healthy weight. So switch off that TV, get up off comfy sofa, put on some nice clothes and get yourself into the sunshine and fresh air!


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