Is Weight Loss All In The Mind?

There have been many theories put forward as to whether an aspect of health such as weight loss can be "all in the mind" although there is still no definitive, absolutely unquestionable answer that can be found.

That's because the workings of the mind are still not entirely known to us, although great inroads are being made in this area.

For the time being, we will have to accept that as far as is known, it is quite likely that a great part of the process can be influenced by a person's state of mind and that is what we will look at in this article.

Ruling Mind

The ruling mind state is that which we are predominantly experiencing most of the time.

Now, different people will have a different ruling state of mind just as different people look different from each other, so there is no way to generalize with this.

But what can be said is that if your predominant mental state is positive, then you are going to be much more successful at losing weight than if it were negative.


A positive state of mind is one that a happy person tends to have.

Most everything in their life is good, they think nice thoughts most of the time and people like them because they tend to have a happy outlook on life, are courteous and pleasant to other people and seem to have a good word to say about most things.

when you are in this state of being, you naturally feel upbeat and motivated to do things that you want to do and if getting slim is one of them, then you will be more successful. This is simply because you are in a happy state about doing it and when you are positive and motivated, you are much more likely to stick to a diet or exercise plan and see it through to its logical end.


On the other hand, a negative state of mind is one that an unhappy person tends to hold.

They are not so well liked because they are not so pleasant and courteous to other people, tend to complain about most things most of the time and often bemoan their own state of being to anyone who has the misfortune to listen.

When you are in an unhappy, negative state of mind, you tend to be demotivated and apathetic about attempting to lose weight or anything else you are attempting to do. You are less likely to stick to any kind of diet of exercise plan because you will find fault with it and lose interest quickly, thereby not seeing it through and often failing to lose any weight as a result.

Summing Up

So if you were wondering can basic weight loss be all in the mind, the best answer and most useful of tips would be that is it certainly a part of what's in your mind.

How much a part is really up to the individual and how they intend to use it for becoming slim in their own way.


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