Enjoy Walking for Weight Loss

One of the most important things about whatever method you want to use to lose weight is that you should enjoy doing it as much as possible. Walking is one of those methods.

This is a big part to succeeding with your plans to shed those excess pounds, because when you enjoy doing something you will do more of it and keep doing it.

Walking is one of the most accessible of all exercise methods as just about anyone can do it any time and any place.

Enjoyable Form of Exercise

Walking is a pastime that people enjoy doing, especially when it's a nice day and you can walk in a place that is interesting and safe.

A local park or other open area is great, or if you live by the ocean (or even a lake or river) you have the added benefit of a glorious view to take in as you are walking along.

Of course the secret to losing weight while you walk is in making it somthing that takes some effort, although not so much that it takes away from the enjoyment of doing it.

A brisk walk that you can keep up for around half an hour or so is excellent and if you can factor in some hilly streets or tracks, then all the better. The idea is to make your leg and torso muscles work a little harder than usual in sufficient amounts to raise your heart rate and breathing while getting you to sweat.

This means you are exerting yourself enough for your body to be burning off the sugars dissolved in the bloodstream as fuel for your muscles. After about twenty minutes of sustained walking at a brisk pace, you will have used up most of those sugars and your body must replenish them to continue supplying your muscles with fuel. To do this, your body takes its supply from your store of fat.

Fat Burning

Walking burns fat! As long as you keep it up for long enough and force your body into replacing used up blood sugar levels from the fat store, you will be losing weight while you walk.

It's a wonderful exercise to do because while you are burning off some excess fat, you are also enjoying a part of life which everyone who can, should enjoy.

Walking in the countryside allows you to take time to enjoy the scenery and see things you would never see from your car.

Same if you live by the sea as you can walk along the beach and totally de-stress to the sound of the waves while enjoying an ocean view. Walking on sand is a little harder than walking on paving or a hard surface, so you do even more exercise for your time!

If you live in a city, then your options may be a little more limited, especially if your streets are not as safe as you'd like them to be and walking poses a risk to your safety.

Summing Up

You still have options, such as using a treadmill in your home, or getting in the car and driving out to a safer neighborhood where you can walk around the streets and enjoy the scenery.

Or you can drive to a large covered mall and walk around that, although the temptation to shop while you're there may get in the way of things a little!

Whatever your options, take them and do some walking every day. your body will benefit in many ways not least of them being in its weight management and you also get a nice boost to your health into the bargain.


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