More Activity Equals Less Weight

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you get more active and exercise more, you are going to lose some weight. So if it is really so simple, why are so many people still obese? And why is that number still rising and not falling?

Well, if it only takes some simple common sense to see the obvious, that eating the right foods, avoiding the wrong ones and getting some exercise every day will keep your weighty down, why are so many people not seeing it? It’s not because they are all stupid and its not because they lack the basic knowledge that will keep them healthy. So could it be because they know what they are doing but can’t help themselves?

That is probably a big part of it. In that case, there’s no helping people who won’t help themselves, because no matter what you tell them or show them, they will not listen and will not see what they ought to see. Their heads are firmly buried in the proverbial sand and nothing short of a firm kick in the posterior is going to make them lift those heads out of it!

This is a sort of train of thought here, which leads us on to two major scenarios when it comes to people who can and cannot lose weight. Those who are prepared to help themselves and those who are not. Those that will are the ones that are going to get somewhere and improve their health, live a longer, happier, healthier life. Those that will not, well, they will not!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there is just no helping some people and if you try too hard, all you get is their backs up and an angry “leave me alone” attitude. So where does that leave us?

It leaves us in the position that if we are going to help people, we might as well aim that help at the people who are going to use our advice and knowledge to their own advantage and the rest can do what they want, because they will anyway. So for those that are willing to put in some work to improve their bodies, their health and fitness levels and maintain a healthy body weight, the message is pretty clear. Eat right, exercise as much as you can and stay positive!

Relieve Stress to Lose Weight

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If there is one major aspect of modern life that negatively affects the health of more people than just about anything else it is stress. Stress is also a big factor in weight gain, as we shall see in this post. So it makes sense to take the necessary steps to reduce stress in your life if you want to enjoy good health and also maintain a healthy body weight.

Stress is a natural response to anything that threatens us, better known as the “fight or flight” response. When we are faced with a situation that we need to take immediate action to avert a physical threat to ourselves, our bodies do some pretty powerful things. Adrenalin is released into the blood stream to give us a sudden rush of energy which we may use to either stand and fight off whatever it is that is threatening our life, or so that we may run away (take flight) if in our split second decision we decide the threat is too powerful to be fought and to preserve ourselves, running in the opposite direction at top speed is the best course of action.

This scenario is a historical program we all carry and is left over from the period in our evolution before we had civilization as we know it today and the lawlessness of the time meant that to survive we had to do whatever was necessary. Today, of course we have civilized laws and social rules that generally precludes the need for this stress response, but it is still there. So whenever we are placed in a situation that historically we would benefit from the sudden adrenalin release, our own social structure prevents us from using it.

For instance, we may be facing our boss who is lecturing us on a costly mistake we just made and it is making us feel really bad. What is going on inside is we are surging with adrenalin and what we really want to do is either run away from the boss or pick up a chair and brain him with it! Of course we can’t do either, so we have to stand or sit there in a high state of stress. The stress is not abated by the “fight of flight response” which would expend a great deal of energy rapidly and dispel the adrenalin coursing through our veins. So we have all this adrenalin running amok inside us with nowhere to go.

Stress hormones such as cortisol are also released in these situations and this sets up a daisy chain of physical events which cause inflammation and digestive suppression, leading to a greater percentage of undigested food being stored as fat. This is generally stored as visceral or belly fat, which is the dangerous kind that can lead to a whole host of bad health conditions such as heart disease, cancers, diabetes, hypertension and strokes.

The fat that is stored of course adds to our weight problems. When we are faced with many stressful situations throughout our day, the problems are multiplied and if not addressed, can lead to serious weight gain and obesity. The smart thing to do then, is to work on ways to reduce the stress in your life. Yoga, meditation, hypnosis, acupuncture and good old fashioned exercise are great ways to abate stress.

Exercise is probably the best of all from a body weight viewpoint, as it doubles as stress reliever and forces the muscles to burn stored fat when its done for sufficient time and level of activity. Strenuous exercise will dispel the adrenalin in your bloodstream the same way that fighting or running away would have done it for our ancestors. So as a means of losing weight, exercise has far more going for it than one may initially give it credit for. So next time you come home from work stressed out and grumpy, don’t throw yourself down in front to the TV, change into a track suit and go for a run, or get some weights and do a weight-training workout. You will benefit in more ways than you imagine.