Tip: Vitamin D Helps Weight Loss

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It has recently been uncovered during tests that lowered levels of vitamin D in the body tend to coincide with weight gain. Tests have been run to see if maintaining the correct level of vitamin D could improve that situation and it has been shown to make a difference. What does this tell us?

Well, for one thing, modern society is dogged with high instances of overweight and obese people, whereas several decades ago this was not a problem. there are several underlying factors that could be accredited to the modern problem, but one thing is sure and that is that these days people spend less time outdoors. That means we get less exposure to sunshine, or natural daylight and that means our bodies get less chance to manufacture their own vitamin D.

Put two and two together and it makes pretty good sense that if you are intent on losing weight
you should get out of the house more often and enjoy more natural daylight. Sure you can supplement vitamin D, but there is nothing as good for you as the stuff you make yourself, right? Well, medical science seems to back up this theory.

Not only that, but greater exposure to natural daylight also stimulates the production of serotonin, which is known as the body’s natural feelgood hormone. This reduces stress, and stress is also known as a big contributory factor in the body’s excessive storage of visceral fat (belly fat).

But wait, there’s more… when you get out of the house, its natural to be more active and we all know that greater levels of activity result in boosting the metabolism which in turn means we burn more of the calories we are consuming. Again, this leads to greater positive weight management. The upshot of this whole post on one of the great weight loss tips that really work is that getting out of the house is good for your health and helps maintain a healthy weight. So switch off that TV, get up off comfy sofa, put on some nice clothes and get yourself into the sunshine and fresh air!

Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

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If you’re reading this, then you are probably looking for a way to lose weight that will work for you and have probably tried plenty of other things that didn’t. That’s nothing to really worry about because we are all different and some weight loss programs, diets or strategies that will work for some people won’t necessarily work for everyone. But there are some of the more basic, or fundamental strategies for losing weight that will work to a certain degree for everyone as long as they follow them.

These are the basic building blocks upon which the entire weight loss industry is based and while they may come out with new ideas, new programs or new diets every so often, they will all have to follow at least in part, the basic fundamentals of how to lose weight. These are very simple and from a physical standpoint exist in diet and exercise.


Your diet is hugely important in the way you look, feel and pretty much are. If you fill your body up with junk food, sugary sodas and artificial additive laden processed foods, then you are not going to enjoy the best of health no matter what you do. Eventually, your health will deteriorate, your weight will increase and you will be doing more harm to the long term life expectancy of your body that you could ever know.

If you want to be healthy, feel fit and lively and maintain a healthy body weight and shape, you must eat a healthy diet. There are no short cuts here. Out must go all the processed and junk foods and with them all that soda, artificially sweetened stuff and anything that is not natural. In must come fresh fruits and vegetables, lean fresh cuts of meat and fish, nuts, grains and pulses. If you can’t cook, then you had better learn how. Preparing and cooking your own food from fresh ingredients is the only way you can be assured of eating healthily. Or, at a push, make sure you live with someone who can cook!


The other half of the equation for maintaining a healthy looking and feeling body is to exercise it! You can eat a healthy diet and get partway there, but if you want to finish the job and tone up that flabby belly, firm up those wobbly upper legs and upper arms and get everything back into the shape that its supposed to be in, then you must exercise and you must do it regularly. You can choose the kind of exercise you want to do as there are many different types. They can be as easy as walking, swimming or playing some moderate team sports activities, or they can get tough with gym workouts, endurance running or more strenuous team sports.

the choice is yours as to which you prefer, but the harder you work your body, the better the results will generally be. That doesn’t mean you have to flog your self half to death to get a great looking, slim body but it does mean you have to exercise almost daily and work on different muscle groups with your exercises. One of the best forms of exercise is swimming as it exercises most of the muscle groups in the body and as long as you vary your swimming stroke, you can, over time, end up with a great looking figure if you only do this form of exercise.

So that’s the long and the short of it when it comes to the most basic of weight loss tips. Eat healthy and live healthy and you will be healthy. Sound like a no brainer? Well, for losing weight and getting a great look, it is really!

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