Weight Loss Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

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It’s now the beginning of January and it’s that time of year when everyone seems to be obsessed with losing weight. Just have a look at those celebrity magazines and you’ll see articles on “how I lost x amount of weight.” It all seems very impressive but it’s important that you shouldn’t overlook the basic facts.

Sleep well – There’s a lot of evidence to show that when you don’t sleep properly you’ll put on weight. One part of this could be tiredness. When you’ve been feeling deprived of sleep, do you want to eat healthy and exercise? No, probably not. Instead you’ll want to eat foods that will give you a pick up in energy and you’ll want to laze about doing not much at all.

According to a study, sleep restriction results in:

  • decreased glucose tolerance
  • decreased insulin sensitivity
  • increased evening concentrations of cortical
  • decreased levels of leptin
  • increased hunger and appetite

Drink plenty of water – staying hydrated is so important, especially if you’re in an environment where there’s air conditioning. Water is great for your body on so many levels as it help with your skin, prevents headaches and is said to help with weight loss. One of the reasons for this is because it makes you feel full. The more full you feel the less you’ll eat and therefore the easier it will be to lose weight.

Be careful of weight loss pills – although there are some that can help you, you need to have realistic ideas on what they’ll do for you. There’s not a single pill on the market that will magically turn you into Kate Moss or Brad Pitt. Although, according to Diet Mega Site, Meratol pills have become very popular and are safe.

Be patient – when you keep reading about people who’ve lost weight incredibly fast it’s very easy to feel jealous and try to do this same. But please be patient for weight loss to occur because so often the faster you lose weight the easier it is to put weight back on later. If you’ve put on weight over a period of years, it could take you that long to lose all the weight you gained.

5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight

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Losing weight is a struggle for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds. It can be tricky to know where to get started so here are some tips for you to follow if you wish.

1.  To begin with you could start writing down all the foods you eat. So take a note book around with you so by the end of the week you can see exactly what you’ve been eating. Often people think they’re eating a healthy diet but the truth is that they’re eating far too much junk food like crisps and chocolate.

2.  When you are eating and drinking certain kinds of foods, ask yourself why. Perhaps you’re reaching for that chocolate bar because you’re feeling depressed, lonely, bored, stressed or lacking in energy. Sure, there are times you simply need to eat and drink to be healthy. But for junk food there are usually emotional reasons. If you’re lacking in energy then you might need to get a better sleep or eat fresh fruit.

3.  A major mistake that people make when trying to lose weight is to go on a starvation diet. This is probably the worst thing that you can do because you’re body will simply go into “starvation mode” which means you’re metabolism will slow down. So when you start to eat normally again you will pile on the pounds even more than before. It can be tempting to read UniqueHoodia reviews and to think you can take these pills to suppress your appetite completely but please don’t do this.

4.  Don’t deny yourself of tasty foods completely. There’s nothing wrong with a tasty treat as long as it’s in moderation. Perhaps you can treat yourself to a smaller portion or only allow yourself a treat at the weekends.

5.  Of course, you need to get active to burn off more calories. Find some kind of activity that you enjoy whether it’s swimming, dancing or lifting weights. Even if you’ve not got much time and can only manage 10 minutes of exercise a day, it’s still better than nothing. Although, start off gradually if you’ve been very inactive in recent years. You don’t want to do too much too soon.