How Well Does Nutrisystem Work?

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Knowing whether a diet will work for you is really one of the most important aspects of starting any program you may be interested in trying. So when faced with the sign-up page of a major company like Nutrisystem, it’s vital that you are confident that it will work for you before you spend your money.

So the question that kicks off this article is: “How well does Nutrisystem work?” We’ll explore that question in depth in this article and come up with our own conclusions rather than those of the sale pitch that everyone else is coming out with. After all, aren’t all those so-called reviews just a bunch of sales pitches designed to get you to buy the product?

Seeing Through the Sales Pitch

Well, for sure there are loads of sales pitches out there all trying to get you to buy this popular home delivery diet system and they all say how great the product is. But they don’t tell you about any of the flaws, or any of the down sides of going on their diet.

They don’t mention any adverse effects anyone experiences by going on the diet. Nor do they mention how successful all the people are who go on the plan.

That’s because they don’t want you to be put off by a bunch of negative statistics or information.

Surprisingly, plenty of people don’t necessarily care about that! There are down sides to going on this program and there are some negative effects that some people get when they go on their diet.

Pros and Cons

So I’m going to tell you what some of them are that I know about. I’m also going to offer some common sense explanations for the complaints that I’m going to tell you about and let you be the judge.

Well, the first and biggest load of complaining I hear is that the meals they provide you with either don’t fill you up enough, of you feel hungry too soon after eating them. But complaints like that don’t tell the whole story. Why do you suppose most people don’t feel full up after eating one of the Nutrisystem meals?

Come on, it’s a no brainer!

A lot of people who go on the diet are used to eating huge meals, which is why they’re overweight in the first place. So when they eat a meal that is the right size for a person who eats normally and is at the correct weight, of course its not enough, because they’re simply not used to eating regular sized meals!

Are You Hungry?

Ok, the complaint about feeling hungry again too soon after eating the meals. See my last explanation! It’s the same thing because most overweight people simply eat so much. It stands to reason a smaller meal will get digested quicker and leave them feeling hungry again well before its time for the next meal.

The solution to the above two complaints, and it’s one recommended by Nutrisystem themselves, is to add some freshly cooked vegetables to the meals to bulk them out with what are low calorie accessories. You know, carrots, peas, beans, broccoli… that’s the green stuff you get from the fresh produce section of the supermarket if you’ve never been there before I suggest you start buying some stuff from there and learning how to prepare and cook it.

It might save your life!


Another complaint is that the Nutrisystem diet meals give some people gas. Well, yes that’s going to happen when you start eating real food after years of eating garbage. Your digestive system gets a reminder of what its there for and the by product can be gas.

At least for a while until you get used to real food again. Hint, pizza is NOT real food…

The cost of this plan puts some people off. Like it costs around $300 a month more or less depending on the plan you choose. That’s $75 or less a week. What do you normally spend a week on food for yourself? Well, you deduct that from the $75 and whatever is left is what it costs.

If it’s less than $50, then that’s a darn cheap way to get your life back, don’t you think?

Ok, so down to the nitty gritty.

Does it work?

You can read up some more about this aspect of whether this diet works for its customers by reading this great article here: Nutrisystem review The simple answer is that it works if you stick to the plan and don’t cheat. It helps if you do some light daily exercise to give your body a chance to burn off all the stored fat.

If you can do those two simple things, then yes, Nutrisystem works.

If you’re a lazy person and refuse to do any exercise, or you’re going to cheat by sneaking a chocolate cream bun in between meals when no one is looking, then it is not going to work for you. Contact your local undertaker and get yourself measured up for their XXXXXL super-coffin, because your lazy carcass is going to need it pretty soon…

But if you’re determined and really want to get slim, healthy and feel great and want a convenient way of dieting that doesn’t take up any of your valuable free time, then go for it. Because it was made just for you!”

How Does Nutrisystem Work with a Hectic Lifestyle?

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If you lead a fast paced, frenetic and hectic lifestyle but feel that you also need to lose some weight, then more often than not, the first place you are going to look for a convenient diet solution is one of the major home delivery diet companies, such as Nutrisystem. You may have already read some of the more informational Nutrisystem reviews to help you make your decision, so how does such a company’s diet as fit in with that hectic lifestyle while enabling you to lose weight with as little fuss as is possible?

The major advantages to making use of this type of diet are all convenience based. This is because a high maintenance lifestyle will not readily provide you with the free time to take on other, more labor intensive diets that come with a load of additional work to make them work. So here are the main ways in which this type of diet fits in with a hectic lifestyle.

Delivered to Your Door

This is one of the biggest attractions to Nutrisystem because it is the easiest way of making sure you get all of your meals for a whole month placed at your fingertips. It’s a clever aspect to convenience dieting, because while your next meal is within easy reach as long as you are at home, then you are not going to be tempted to order in any of the high calorie alternatives, such as pizza or Chinese food.

It also saves you the task of going to the stores to buy in all the ingredients you’d need to prepare and make the food yourself. It is all there, stored in your kitchen ready for use.

Wide Variety of Meals

With any diet, if the meals themselves get boring, or too much of the same thing too often, the chances are you are going to get tired of them pretty quick and looking for tasty alternatives of the high calorie snack variety. This so often happens when your lifestyle is fast paced.

Not so with Nutrisystem meals, as they are varied and designed to be different enough over the month so you don’t get bored with them and won’t be inclined to go looking for alternatives. If you really want to win with your diet, this is a great choice.


The initial cost may at first seem quite high, but when you consider that this is meant to replace an entire month of regular meals and you deduct what you’d ordinarily spend on food for that time, and you’ll see it actually works out pretty cheap for a healthy, low calorie diet. For busy people, being able to order online with a credit card and then sitting back and waiting for delivery is an enormous plus point.

Overall, the time and labor saving aspects, plus the high level of convenience of the Nutrisystem diet is a great time saver for busy people. At the same time it provides a balanced, healthy diet that will help you lose weight as long as you stick to it.