Stay Active to Maintain a Healthy Weight

It might seem like a pretty obvious thing to anyone who understands some of how the body works that keeping active is one of the best ways to prevent weight gain.

But when you look at the growing statistics for the proportion of people who are overweight and even obese, it would appear that way too many people are ignoring this fact.

So what would it take to get more people to make themselves more active during the day?

Well, education is the first order of the day when it comes to getting a lot of people to know about any particular thing. The problem is that they don't teach weight management in schools, which when you think about it is pretty ridiculous considering what happens to many of the people who are growing up these days.

Lack of Exercise

They are not exercising enough and to add to the problems they are eating a relatively poor diet. Our own society makes eating junk food and overeating in many cases a perfectly acceptable pastime while almost no emphasis is placed on the need to eat sensibly and exercise more.

Yet a simple shift in the way we think about things which would be created in the minds of the multitudes if it were taught in schools, would avert this modern day calamity in the general health of the population. So if you're sat in front of your computer reading this, the question you need to ask yourself is "How much exercise do I get each day?"

Who is Staring Back at You in the Mirror?

Your answer will tell you pretty quickly if you need to get more because you only have to look in the mirror. If you see a fat person looking back at you, then you need to exercise more often and jolly well eat less! It's amazing just how stupidly obvious this is, so why do so many people not see it?

I think much of that comes from people burying their heads in the sand and hoping the problem will go away all by itself. Or maybe they don't see it as their problem but more of a National problem they see on TV all the time.

However it goes, people need to be made aware that they are overweight if the scales say they are overweight. And that they need to take action to retain their natural weight and improve their health into the bargain.


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