More Activity Equals Less Weight

For a lot of people who want to lose weight, a very simple concept like more activity equates to less body weight can really help to motivate them to get active and boost their weight loss efforts.

Truly, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you get more active and exercise more, you are going to lose at least some weight.

So if it is really so simple, why are so many people still obese? And why is that number still rising and not falling?

Eating Too Much of the Wrong Food

Well, if it only takes some simple common sense to see the obvious, that eating the right foods, avoiding the wrong ones and getting some exercise every day will keep your weight down, why are so many people not seeing it?

It's not because they are all stupid and its not because they lack the basic knowledge that will keep them healthy. So could it be because they know what they are doing but can't help themselves?

That is probably a big part of it. In that case, there's no helping people who won't help themselves, because no matter what you tell them or show them, they will not listen and will not see what they ought to see. Their heads are firmly buried in the proverbial sand and nothing short of a firm kick in the posterior is going to make them lift those heads out of it!

Some Will, Some Will Not

This is a sort of train of thought here, which leads us on to two major scenarios when it comes to people who can and cannot lose weight.

  1. Those who are prepared to help themselves
  2. hose who are not prepared to help themselves

Those that will help themselves are the ones that are going to get somewhere and improve their health, live a longer, happier, healthier life. They'll do whatever it takes to get on track and boost their health in the right direction.

Those that will not? Well, they will not!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there is just no helping some people and if you try too hard, all you get is their backs up and an angry "leave me alone" attitude. So where does that leave us?

Who to Help?

It leaves us in the position that if we are going to help people, we might as well aim that help at the people who are going to use our advice and knowledge to their own advantage and the rest can do what they want, because they will anyway.

So for those that are willing to put in some work to improve their bodies, their health and fitness levels and maintain a healthy body weight, the message is pretty clear. Eat right, exercise as much as you can and stay positive!


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