Medifast Review

In this medifast review article, I take a good hard look at this meal replacement home delivery diet program that does a good job of rivalling the bigger names in the industry by providing its customers with a great diet program that really works.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the massive increase in people going on diet food delivery diets lately, with the big names like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem hogging a lot of the TV commercial time.

But there is a third alternative to the Big Two that provides a similar service with some interesting additional benefits that you don't get with the others.

That alternative is Medifast and it is definitely worth checking out if you're thinking about signing up with one of these diet programs.

Here's why.


Like the other two major diet meal delivery companies, Medifast provides an extremely convenient way to diet by providing all the meals you will need to eat in easy, pre-packaged form and delivering them all to your home.

There are the usual three meals in breakfast, lunch and dinner with a dessert but there are also two additional small meals that make up a five meal a day diet. The thinking behind this is that when you eat little and often (of the right kinds of food), your body's metabolism is boosted and you will burn more calories that way.

Calorie Burning

The most popular of the Medifast diet plans is the Five and One plan because there are actually six meal per day that spread the eating out very well. The five meals are the regular Medifast meals, plus a high fiber vegetable based meal that you prepare your self from fresh ingredients you can get from the store.

People like this plan a lot because it not only provides all the essential nutrition coupled with a low calorie menu, but it gives even more flexibility on what the sixth meal can be made up of.

Doctors Endorse Medifast

If you have any doubts about its effectiveness and ability to work for a wide cross section of the overweight population, then you can rest assured that this program has the best professional endorsement any diet can get. Over 20,000 doctors are on record as approving and recommending this program to their overweight patients. It doesn't get much better than that!


There is a great deal of choice in the Medifast plans that are tailored to different groups.

There are plans for men and women, seniors, teens, diabetics, vegetarians, those with gluten intolerance and other specialized diets for people with other food intolerances or allergies. These plans are further customizable so dieters can choose their meals from a wide menu to suit their personal pastes.

If you are not so sure on whether this is the right diet plan for you, of course you should read more reviews of Medifast, like this one here to get a better overall picture from many different viewpoints. But overall, we think you'll agree this is a pretty good choice of dieting in the most convenient way.

Does Medifast Work?

The $64,000 question is answered by a resounding YES! The vast majority of people who do this program lose weight, pure and simple. It's easy to do and the food is pretty good too, so there is little to complain about unless you have a particularly specialized taste and will only eat home cooked meals.

In that case, you are going to be out of luck with any of the diet meal delivery systems as they all pre-cook and prepare meals for shipping. So they're never going to come close to a fresh home cooked meal!

But if you are not so fussy about your food, then you'll enjoy these meals and the variety. You'll also enjoy the convenience of not having to cook any meals yourself, which adds up to a great time saving. That time can be put to better use, like doing the things you enjoy rather than being stuck in a kitchen slaving over a hot stove!

Medifast Cost

As for cost, you will be pleasantly surprised at how little this kind of diet can actually cost when you weigh up the fact that it replaces all your normal food. The standard plans work out at around $11 per day at 2012 prices, although these may change over time (for up to the minute prices, check the official Medifast website).

But when you deduct what you normally spend on food from the price of teh Medifast diet plan you are signing up for, it can surprise a lot of people when it works out to be similar or even less than what they are spending. Now is that not something that appeals to you?

Thought so!


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