Diet Meal Delivery Explained

For the many people who are overweight and in need of losing a fair proportion of the excess, there exists several highly convenient diet programs that make the whole process simple and easy to apply.

These are the diet meal delivery programs that do all the hard work for you and leave you literally eating to lose weight.

Here we take a look at what this modern dieting phenomenon entails and the benefits it brings to its users.

The several top diet programs are produced by the likes of Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Bistro MD, Diet2Go, eDiets and the rest.

They all attract a huge number of customers every week and an exceptionally large proportion of that number succeeds in losing weight and meeting their own goals. So what is this way of dieting all about?

What is Diet Meal Delivery?

The whole philosophy of diet meal delivery systems is to make dieting as easy as possible by being as convenient as it can be for customers. This is achieved by preparing all the meals that the dieter will need to eat for a set period of time and shipping the ready meals to their homes.

The length of the period differs from company to company, but is generally a week in the case of eDiets and Bistro MD, while its a full month in the case of Nutrisystem.

That leaves the dieter free to enjoy their free time without having to worry about shopping for special ingredients, preparing meals and cooking food. It also frees them from the hassle of counting calories, weighing and measuring food portions and keeping complex weight charts.

They simply store all their meals somewhere cool in the case of Nutrisystem or in the fridge or freezer depending on the food being shipped fresh chilled, such as with eDiets or fresh frozen, such as with Bistro MD or Nutrisystem's Select plan.

It is then a simple case of taking the right meal for the time of day and heating it in a microwave to have a nutritious, calorie controlled and tasty meal ready to eat.

Does Diet Meal Delivery Work?

The truth of the matter is that any diet will bring about weight loss in a dieter as long as they stick to the diet, only eat the food recommended and not anything else. Most people who fail do so because they cheated, whether they will care admit it or not.

A small number of people may fail on a healthy diet if they lead a sedentary lifestyle and simply don't burn all the calories they are consuming in the diet. In these cases, it is best to consult a nutritionist to ascertain the ideal daily calorie intake limits.

Diets that are delivered to the home also work as long as the dieter sticks to them and is doing enough daily activity to ensure they are burning more calories than the diet provides.

No diet is foolproof and there will aways be diets that simply don't resonate with certain dieters. That doesn't mean the dieter can't lose weight, it just means they haven't found the right diet for them yet.


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Tim says:

Incredibly challenging diets out there that's for sure. I tried ediets with some success, I lost weight and it was pretty easy, but it costs more to do it that way.