Move Your Body to Lose Weight

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One of the better ways to lose some weight is to stop spending so much time sitting still and leading a sedentary lifestyle. It’s time to get things moving, literally! By that, I mean move your body!

Yep, its time to switch from your crappy eating regime to a good low carb diet, then haul that lazy carcass up off the sofa and switch off the TV set!

Get Up and Get Active

That’s the first step you’ll have to force yourself to take if you want to get rid of some of that excess flab. It’s all about getting moving because more activity equals less weight!

Ok, now with the TV switched off–and do it from the switch in front of the TV and not the remote because that just wastes electricity which is pretty dumb–now you can get your limbs in motion and get some of that blood flowing through your veins and arteries once more!

Take it nice and simple at first.

Put on some clothes if you’ve been really slobbing out in your underwear (you wouldn’t believe how many people do that!) because you’re going to walk outside. Um, through the front door if you can remember where that is!

Get Out of the House

OK I’m being really mean right now but there are actually people out there who spend all their waking lives super-glued to the sofa with the TV sapping the life out of them and they really don’t ever go outside! Don’t get like that, please!

Get outside and do your body a great big favor and go for a walk!

It doesn’t matter where you go, or how long you go for, just walk somewhere. Now, if you happen to live in an apartment block in a bad part of the city, then maybe this might not be a great idea especially if half the local delinquents hang out in your street.

If that’s the case then I would suggest you get the hell out of that dump and find someplace nice to live. Nobody should have to live in squalor, especially in a supposedly affluent country, wherever that may be.

What, can’t move? Do I hear a “cannot?”

What do you want? A life or a slow death in front of the TV because its not safe to go outside? Your choice!

Decide You Can Do It!

For those of you that those last couple paragraphs do not apply to, then you can safely go for a walk around the streets, or maybe to a local park or some open ground where you can breathe in some relatively fresh air.

If you have a dog, so much the better. Take your dog with you  (if you can get him away from the TV set as well) and you’ll both benefit.

For now, that’s it. This is the start of your life with less weight!

If you are interested in some other resources, I can recommend one where there is a rather good resource at Wikipedia called simply: weight loss.

Or if you are really lazy you could just wait until I write my next post right here! But then again, if you are that lazy, you need to get up off that chair, switch the computer off and go for a walk. Maybe with your dog!

Look Like You Lost Weight by Wearing Shapewear!

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You might be losing weight through diet and/or exercise but you need to wear that outfit today. And you’re still too big. Shapewear to the rescue! Look like you’re slimmer than you actually are by putting on some body shaping underwear beneath your outfit and surprise everyone by turning up to the event wearing that outfit and looking amazing in it!

Some may cry “cheat” but they don’t need to know. In fact, one of the major benefits of modern shapewear is that it is so sheer, it’s almost undetectable! Now that’s my kind of cheating!

What is Shapewear?

First of all, if you don’t know what it is I’ll tell you. Think of the old fashioned girdle or corset that women used to force themselves into so they’d look slimmer but feel constricted and uncomfortable for the whole time they were wearing it.

Now take that kind of garment and bring it right up to date using modern sheer materials such as lycra. Make it flexible and comfortable to wear without being constricting yet still providing all the hold that you need.

And make it so sheer that it’s almost invisible beneath clothes. That’s shapewear!

Who Wears Body Shaping Garments?

You’ll be surprised to learn that lots of celebrities resort to wearing it especially after they’ve been out of the public eye for a little while and have managed to gain weight. All of a sudden they get a call from their agent to tell them they have a public engagement and a photo shoot and they don’t have time to starve themselves thin again.

No problem! Simply slide into some nice body cinching underwear and over the top go those super stylish clothes that look incredibly great but can hide any untoward excesses of flesh… and away they go!

You might think that’s all well and good for celebrities, but what about the regular person who just wants to look they best at a function of some kind in a nice dress or a suit but there is a little more flesh than the suit was designed to cover?

It’s pretty much the same thing with the no problem label attached! Grab some super slimming and shaping underwear and cinch that body down a dress size or two and go right ahead and wear that outfit. And look amazing!

Anyone can do it as long as you’re not too overweight that it becomes unrealistic to think you can magically slim yourself down several dress sizes by putting on some body shrinking undergarments. It works if you are just a little too big for a particular outfit and can realistically shrink down a dress size comfortably or maybe two if you really need to.

You can find out a lot more about the ins and outs of shapewear at which is a definitive resource and information repository of everything you need to know about this amazing body slimming underwear that you can wear beneath any great looking clothes and no one else need ever know about it!

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