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Nutrisystem Review and Analysis (2019 Update)

Posted by on 26 Dec 2018 | Tagged as: diet

Something that a lot of dieters need before they get started on any diet is enough useful, factual and accurate information about the diet so that they aren’t left guessing what its all about and risk failing through lack of understanding.

Many of the so-called reviews, and that includes all the new wave of video reviews that are currently invading the search engine results like a plague of hungry locusts, tend to only tell you about all the benefits of the diet in order to get you to sign up.

That’s not enough and can actually be detrimental to a person’s chances of success because they get sucked into the hype and start the diet without really knowing what it entails.

True Reviews

A real review of a product like this should tell you about all aspects of the program and that includes all the disadvantages along with the advantages. So while we can’t do anything about the flippant or downright bad reviews, we can at least provide you with a factual one that you can take away and digest in your own time, before deciding if Nutrisystem is even the right diet for you.

Nutrisystem in 2019

The company has moved forward with a brand new promotion called:

Nutrisystem Freshstartâ„¢

and it replaces Turbo 13 with some new meal choices, protein shakes and a motivational philosophy to help you to lose weight easier while still maintaining the core plan of eating 5-6 small, low calorie, high nutrition meals per day. Here’s a new video that explains it all for you:

Nutrisystem Plus Points

Let’s start with the positive aspect of this diet before we move on to the downside (and yes, there is a downside to this diet). As you will already know from the TV ads, here is a diet that does it all for you from creating the nutritionally balanced, low calorie meals to packaging them all up and shipping them to you. What this means is:

  • It’s convenient and easy to work with
  • It saves you time and effort
  • It frees your from the hassle of preparing and cooking special meals
  • Meals are portable so you can take them to work with you
  • It is very cost effective

So they are the benefits of Nutrisystem in a nutshell, but you probably already know all of that. You probably also know that the program provides you with three main meals each day plus a dessert to accompany your evening meal, plus two snack bars and a protein shake for between meals. You may not know that the experts at Nutrisystem actually recommend that you add some additional foods to the menu such as fresh vegetables and some dairy protein if you feel that you need to eat more than is provided.

If you already knew that, you may not know that this is only a recommendation and is NOT obligatory. You can, as many people do, eat only the meals provided and still feel satisfied and lose weight. It’s your call, but just so you know you do not have to feel obligated to spend a whole load more money on these “extras” because they are not always necessary.

Nutrisystem Minus Points

So now you maybe know more about the benefits than you did before. But what about the negative aspects to this diet program? Let’s tell the truth about what many other reviews leave out of their blurb for fear the information may scare you off!

The first problem that some people have with the meals is what they are made up of. Let’s be quite clear here, these are not gourmet meals you’re paying for. They are around 70% processed meals and 30% fresh frozen meals. The fresh frozen meals are shipped separately from Schwanns and are made to Nutrisystem’s own nutritionally balanced, low calorie formula. These meals are fine for most people.

It’s the processed meals that can cause problems for some folks, especially those that are used to eating home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients as opposed to those that come out of a packet or a can. If your palate is used to eating home cooked quality meals, chances are you’re not going to much enjoy eating processed meals that come out of a packet! On the flip side, if your diet is made up of mostly processed, packaged meals anyway, then you’re not going to have a problem with the meals.

You may find the size of the meals on the small side, which may lead you to believe you’re going to feel hungry all day! That’s actually not always the case, as it can be psychological rather than just physical. But you can get over it by either adding the recommended additional foods, or you can beat the perceived hunger by drinking lots of plain water throughout the day and especially just before each meal. And make use of the snack bars if you feel hungry anytime of the day, as that’s what they are for.

Remember, you are on this diet to lose weight and that, believe it or not, entails eating less food!

Don’t Believe All You Hear

You may have read some online forums where you get people who are complaining about the food. You have to exercise your own judgement there, as some people are habitual complainers, while others have valid points especially if they fall into the group I mentioned above, who normally eat home cooked meals and found the processed food not to their liking.

Some people also have reported having problems with customer support, but they probably forgot to mention they themselves were abusive and argumentative to begin with. It happens, people just don’t like to admit it but are quite happy to lay all the blame on a customer support person who is only doing their job and having to deal with a nut case shouting and screaming down the phone at them. As the subtitle says, don’t believe everything you read that’s written by complaining ex-customers.

How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost?

At today’s prices (2018), you can expect the month-long batch of meals to work out at around from $10-$13 per day. If you think that’s expensive, then this diet is NOT for you! Don’t go paying for it then whine about how expensive it is in forums and blog comments!

If you normally spend more than that on breakfast every day, then this diet IS for you because you will be amazed at just how cheap it really is! Again, it depends how it fits in with an individual’s regular expenditure on food.

Nutrisystem Auto Delivery

This is a sticking point and a bone for contention for some people. But its easily explained for those who are prepared to listen. When you sign up for a Nutrisystem diet plan, you are signing up for your monthly meal shipments to be shipped and delivered one after the other, so that you receive your next month’s supply of food as the previous month’s runs out so there is no gap in your diet.

If you sign up and take advantage of a special off of money off or free shipping, you are expected to accept at least two shipments of food. After that you can cancel in good time and part company happily and weighing less than you did before you started.

But if you try and cancel before the second shipment is due, you will be charged the difference for the discount you received as well as the initial shipping cost.

This is written in the terms on Nutrisystem’s official website homepage, so its up to you to read and understand it. most people do and there’s no problem. But some people don’t then get a nasty shock when they cancel early because they think they can get a cheap month of diet food without paying full price for the next one. Uh uh, that doesn’t fly!

Conclusion: Does Nutrisystem Work?

So does this diet program work, if you’re still interested to know after reading all of that? Well, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and you will get out of the diet what you’re prepared to put into it.

If you work with the program and only eat the food that you’re sent by the company and stick to what the tell you, then you will lose weight. You shouldn’t expect miracles and don’t expect to lose 100 pounds in a couple months. Experts agree that no more than 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week is about right. You can lose more but to do that you will have to work a little harder to achieve it.

Consider doing some exercise every day to compliment the diet and you will see a marked improvement in the amount of weight you lose as well as a boost to your fitness and energy levels. Drink plenty of plain water and NEVER soda, not even the diet variety, and you will give yourself even more reasons to lose more of those unwanted excess pounds and feel great.

lastly, if you want to read some more about this diet program and want to get a second opinion on how Nutrisystem works, here is a pretty good review that will tell you more about it. You should also visit the main page of the site to get a full insight into this amazing meal replacement diet food delivery program at Check it out as well as other articles on the website. It’s dedicated only to Nutrisystem and doesn’t review any other diet program.

A Look at Convenience Diets

Posted by on 23 Dec 2015 | Tagged as: diet

It may come as no great surprise that you will certainly find specific and different types of diets devised for anything from weight loss to fixing a diet related health issue. What’s more, a good number of them can seem to be considerable hard work for plenty of people.

The style of diets related to reducing body weight are most likely the hardest to comply with, in a number of ways. Yet when you get into them more, it becomes apparent they are not entirely all that tricky to keep up with. This is particularly so for the meal replacement type of dieting programs where the meals are actually prepared, packaged and shipped to your own home.

It’s true, there are actually several dieting firms that I know of that create, organize, parcel and transport your low calorie, nutritious meals right to your door. They do it so you don’t have to take the trouble with going shopping to obtain the individual special ingredients and put them all together and cook them by yourself. Corporations akin to Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Medifast, Diet to Go and Bistro MD for example make the dieting process really simple for you.

Hectic Lifestyle? No Problem!

This type of meal replacement program is perfect for people who lead hectic lifestyles and just lack the extra time needed to lose the excess pounds they are probably piling on. And they’re doing it by eating a bad diet made up of too much fast or junk food for the reason that it’s all they ever have time to eat!

As you can see, with these diet food delivery plans that you are now able to purchase online, you could eat meals that you take straight from your pantry, fridge or freezer, into the microwave and a few moments later they are placed onto your table. This means they are as simple as obtaining a meal to go from a fast food burger joint but by not having the great number of calories and harmful fats, that are in fact healthful to eat.

Check them Out First

Before you jump in with both feet and credit card out, it is usually well worth it to do some research on the brand of your choice and its diet plans so that you know pretty much what it really is you’ll be paying for before you make the purchase. To get a good understanding of it all, it’s truly worth reading a well put together example of the review of a popular program like Nutrisystem diets that are obtainable on the Internet.

You’ll get a fair rating for the product when you look around the place. Once you have all the information and understand exactly how it works, you can decide if it is the one for you and suitable for your life-style.

What Kind of Diet Suits You Best?

When you have made the important decision that it’s about time you really got serious about shedding some weight and that you are going to do so through a propriety diet of some kind, you then need to take a long hard look at yourself and decide what kind of dieting program suits you best. After all, choosing the wrong program may not only make it tough to stick to, but it may fail you altogether and leave you feeling like you might as well just give up and stay fat!

Perhaps you should start the ball rolling by sitting down with some paper and a pen and start writing up a list of all the things that you believe will work in a diet for yourself. Then you have to cut a swathe through that list by comparing the foods you have written down with their calorie count and composition so that you will end up with a pretty well balanced diet sheet with foods that are nutritious but relatively low in calories while not making it too restrictive and regimented.

Be Flexible

You should be a little flexible too, so you need to vary that diet to include all the main food groups, which are proteins, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and dietary fiber. You’ll do well to subdivide your carbs into their Glycemic Index (GI) values. So high and low GI carbs and then discard most (if not all) the high GI carbs as they will do you no good at all.

Make sure you include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits as they are all necessary for providing essential nutrients. You should also include a percentage of nuts, grains and foods containing omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids such as fresh oily fish (salmon and tuna are high in omega 3 and 6), flax seeds and walnuts (omega 3) and olive oil (omega 6 and 9).

Of the many diet plans that are around, it pays to take a look at getting the best from Nutrisystem diets, as they offer a pretty good deal on both price and variety of choice of menus that will be pretty sure to meet your personal requirements in part or in full. Losing weight should not be a lottery, because when it’s planned properly and you have made the best decisions you can with the information that is available to you, the chances are that you will succeed in attaining your goal so never give up trying!

When all is said and done, if it is necessary for you to lose weight and leisure time is something you lack, then this is absolutely a product that is actually a good selection to maintain the waistline in the right proportions or perhaps diminish it. So a diet that is delivered straight to your door is absolutely something worth considering if you lack the time for other ways of eating healthily and you need to lose a few pounds too.

Dieting with a Hectic Lifestyle

Posted by on 28 Feb 2015 | Tagged as: diet

When you lead a really hectic lifestyle and are overweight, the whole concept of dieting can become something of a nightmare. It really is not very easy to fit a conventional diet into a tight squeeze between working hours and those few, precious leisure hours especially when you have a family that you want to enjoy some quality time with while you can. So what is the solution?

There are some very good convenient diet delivery programs that you can look at which will fit in with your lifestyle perfectly while providing you with balanced, nutritious meals that you simply don’t have to bother preparing and cooking yourself because that side of things is already done for you. Think of the amount of time you could save on working this kind of a diet and a hectic lifestyle where all your food is delivered to your home and packaged up in a handy, ready to go format that you simply heat up in a microwave for a hot meal or not for a cold one, such as a salad.

Making Sound Choices

The choices are varied and will suit different people depending on their individual needs, personal tastes and budgets. At the cheaper end of the scale you have America’s most popular diet food delivery program, Nutrisystem, while in between you have the Medifast, Jenny Craig and Diet-to-Go options while at the higher end of the cost scale is Bistro MD and eDiets for really high quality meals. They are all sensible diet options for those who need them.

Outside of these choices you have the more hands on kinds of diet such as the South Beach Diet, Sonoma Diet, Dukan Diet, Zone Diet, Duke Diet or Joy Bauer Diet for instance. These require you to spend more time om preparing and cooking food, so you have to decide if you have the time to devote to this breed of diet or not.

Either way, you can lose weight in a pretty simple way by choosing the kind of diet system that best suits your lifestyle, your needs and, finally your budget.

A Look at Easy Strategies

Some of the problems many people face when it comes to losing weight center around sticking to an eating plan and not straying off course and snacking in high calorie foods that are not allowed in the plan itself. This often happens because people get bored with the food for a variety of reasons.

These can include it not being varied enough or interesting or simply that it tastes bland and uninspiring. Other fall off diets because they simply don’t have the time to devote to keeping them going thanks to a busy lifestyle or working long hours.

Easy Options that Work

This is where a convenient diet delivery program such as those mentioned above can really help things along. They are generally easy to follow, take up almost none of your time and the menus are certainly varied and interesting while the meals are tasty and inspire you to stay with the diet and lose weight.

How many pounds you will lose really depends on your own circumstances. However, you can expect to do very well as long as you stick with the food they delivery to your home and try and do some things for yourself. Such as:

Drinking plenty of plain water

Cutting out soda and all other sweetened drinks (including so-called “diet” drinks)

Getting some exercise to help boost your metabolism

Boosting the Metabolism

Getting your metabolism going is a big part of the success story that you are aiming for, so anything that you can do to help yourself will of course alter the outcome of your diet in the best possible way.

You can get more info on these convenient programs and how their excellent diet food delivery set up can help you to lose weight easily and without any hassle by checking out this article: The Benefits of a Simple Diet. It is definitely worth reading if you are serious about doing something like this to get rid of those unwanted excess pounds in what must be one of the easiest ways there is.

Tips for Busy Moms

While you can listen to experts talking about how you should be so careful about what you eat and how you must make sure your food is balanced and in the right portion size, most of that good advice is next to useless when you are a busy mom trying to balance a family and a fat busting diet at the same time. It rarely works so conveniently as the experts would have you believe!

A lot of the recipe for success in this case comes down to using what you have and making the best of the situation, especially if the household budget is already strained. It just won’t do to go spending a lot of money on a fancy diet when the rest of the family are eating their usual meals and someone is having to go without in a different area of the household.

Maximizing the Convenience Angle

When you can have a diet delivered to your door, why would you even want to consider spending all that time cooking special meals for yourself when you also have a hungry family to feed and who will probably not appreciate eating diet food? Exactly! Sometimes, you need to balance between the two but when it comes to dieting while the rest of the family want to eat regular food, you just have to find what’s most convenient and go with that.

Of course you can always opt to eat your meals separately from the rest of the family and that way you won’t be tempted to eat what they are eating! But segregating yourself is not always an option and not always something that you’d want to do in any case. But you can cheat a little by filling up on raw vegetables as you are preparing the family meals and then sit down with only a very small plate of food and not feel that you will be going hungry to lose that weight.

So you see that when it comes to choosing an effective diet, there are plenty of options to go with. Something worth considering?

Meet Your Goals with Information

Sometimes when you have set yourself a tough goal for losing weight in a certain time, it helps if you have a good selection of different strategies that you can make use of to help you maintain your efforts. After all, variety is the spice of life and when you have some good measure of variety in your strategy for losing weight, you have the ingredients for maintaining your level of enthusiasm, which is so important to getting you to your goal.

What makes the task so much easier is when you can flip open a web page and see loads of great tips and advice all on the one website and conveniently indexed on one page so you can flip through to find the ones you want to use. Its better still when you get a full page description of each tip and not just a brief paragraph as you do on some websites.

Follow the Information Trail

Follow the links provided by this site and you will get exactly that. A full collection of different tips each fully explained in its own full page article of around 500 or more words. Now that is a resource that is worth bookmarking!

There are plenty of different ways to work and win with your diet, or your exercise choices as well as a load of other things you may not have even thought of. You can concentrate on losing weight fast, or if you feel that is not a good idea, then you can concentrate on losing it slow!

But reducing your body mass is much more than just having all that great advice and strategy tips available at your fingertips. You also have to put them to good use by actually doing them!

That’s right, it’s all well and good reading about how you can do this or that to lose those excess pounds. But if you don’t get out and do them, not much will happen apart from getting you all fired up with no place to go!

So read up as much as you can to begin with and then try these things out. Read a single tip and if it sounds like something that will work for you, do it!

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